Working at speeds only artic glaciers dream of...

At this point it has been nearly three years since I gutted the car and started over. After the last five months of working my regular job, holidays and bad weather, I'm glad to be working on the car again.  This is the year the car gets completed, we're in the home stretch.

One day recently while working on the project I was again experiencing some frustration. Why don't I get that warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment I used to?  After I took inventory of what's left, the truth came out. There is only so much work left that I can do myself, and some of the outside work I need to get done is expensive, and the rest of it comes next before I can finish a specific area off.

So the next few months work will cover a lot of work of others as I head outside my workshop to enlist the talents of upholsterers, headliner and glass installers.  I'm then left to tackle the engine, color sanding of the paint, the drive train and the electrical work.

So, here's the progress in 3 parts, January-April.   CLICK NEXT->>>





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