Final Engine Installation

I am sure there are volume already written in every repair book out there on the 2002 on how to install the engine. It's pointless to duplicate that effort, but I will give you some ideas on things that Steve and I did which I don't believe are documented but have been discussed before amongst the 02 crowd for easy installations.  We chose to install the engine first, then transmission.

Mount the flywheel and the clutch/pressure plate last before you put the engine on the hoist.
Make sure you have an alignment tool - it's almost impossible to get the transmission lined up if it's not right on the target.

I painted the edge of the flywheel black and painted the timing points silver so they would be easier to see later.
The engine bay was already to go, just had to install the motor mounts.
Installed the complete passenger side motor mount on the sub frame.
Installed the drivers side engine mount onto the block.
Positioned the hoist and mounted the bar into the two lift points - 1 on the front, 1 on the rear near the starter bolts. Initially, the center of the engine lift is set to about the middle to balance the engine.
Slowly the engine is lifted off the hoist.
This view shows the engine mount for the drivers side which has been installed.
After putting down plenty of covers with towels and we moved the engine near the target location.
I stopped to take a picture when it was close...
And in! You aim for the passenger side mount first, snug up the bolt, and then you can easily hit the driver side mount location because it is slotted.
Off comes the engine hoist and we are ready for the transmission.
At this point the engine can be rocked in either direction between the firewall and the radiator core support. I't important to brace it so you don't damage or scratch anything. It's now ready for the transmission!!!
This section is completed!!!



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