December 2005: Where are we now?

I am now exactly five years into owning this car, and I'm still not finished. I think I have written this down on the site in three previous December pages. It's still not there but it has never been closer to being done than now.  For me 2005 was a good year of progress because of a change in my job that gave me more time to devote to the car. It is still December in Missouri, where it gets damned cold in my shop. I am working on a solution to get more work done by building a temporary shelter that is like a tent I can heat pretty well and work in. My shop is 40' x 40' and has 28' ceilings which nobody can afford to heat. 

Warm weather happened the last week of the year, and the engine and transmission are now installed.

Final electrical connections have to be tested before I am able to get it started and drive it for break in mileage in February if we have a mild winter. Of course I can't predict that but I can plan for it, otherwise it will be late March to get it on a good 300-400 mile run after we start it.

BRRRR! Once you get below freezing, you have to be crazy to grab a wrench without good heat!!!

I'm down to the painfully expensive parts left for this project. New rear marker lights... price? don't ask.
The new B-to-C pillar chrome trim. Price? Don't ask!  Cover with masking tape until the glass is installed!
I have hooked a battery up to test the harness in certain locations. So far I'm batting 1000 for getting it all to work right the first time.
Dash light are working, and my odometer proudly reads 00001 mile. It has new fuel/temp gauge too.
Getting those new microscopic bulbs installed for the heater control panels.
The doors are on, the door seals installed. The new door brakes are in. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.
Well time marches on, and I'm feeling good about my progress. I do expect to see you at at 2006 driving events... so stay tuned!



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